Our Story

We started Cove with one goal in mind: to make a difference. Growing up in Southern California, most of our time was spent on or near the beach. Although we have been fortunate enough to experience the beauty our oceans and beaches have to offer, we have also witnessed the impact of human pollution firsthand. We have always tried to make a difference by collecting the bits of trash we see in the water and compiling them in our wetsuits mid-surf, or picking up anything we see on the sand, but while the gesture is grand, the impact is small. We believed that independently it would be difficult to create a large enough impact, so we began to think about what we could achieve by working together.


Our first step in working together to create an impact was to find ethically sourced clothing to demonstrate to you - our loyal customers and planet protectors - that sustainable clothing can be stylish, comfortable, and affordable. Each order with Cove is packaged and shipped in 100% biodegradable parcels derived from plant based materials - even our shipping labels can be composted! Through these small steps, we have also eliminated the use of harmful plastic in our manufacturing process to ensure that every purchase with Cove is helping to promote sustainable and ethical sourcing practices.


But we couldn’t stop there. Cove is dedicated to helping each and every individual be the much needed difference in today's world by providing the social and monetary capital that is integral to those helping to make our world better. We not only promise to use our platform and outreach campaigns to promote nonprofits, but we pledge to donate 10% of the profits from each sale to amazing nonprofit organizations.


To see the organizations that we currently support, please check out the Organizations tab at the top of the page. If you would like to suggest an organization we should support, please use the Contact Us tab to do so, or reach out to us on Twitter @CoveUS or Instagram @CoveUSA.


Thank you for your support and remember to #BeTheDifference