The Ocean Cleanup

Millions of tons of plastic enter the world's oceans every year. While some of this pollution comes from beachgoers, commercial fishing, and careless corporations, a majority of it comes from rivers. In fact, approximately 90% of the plastic polluting our oceans comes from just 10 river systems!

In order to help solve the world's plastic pollution crisis, we must not only stop the new pollution from entering, but also clean up the existing pollution already harming our marine ecosystems. In order to do this, The Ocean Clean Up employs "Interceptors" that pick up trash from polluted river systems and has a fleet of ships deployed in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. 

If you would like to learn more about The Ocean Cleanup, please consider watching the videos below!

Disclaimer: We are not endorsed by The Ocean Cleanup, nor are we affiliated with them. We feel that The Ocean Clean Up embodies Cove's core values and we choose to support their efforts financially by donating 10% of our profits from every single sale to their non-profit organization.